Stephanie is a rock star!

Stephanie is a rock star! After a bad experience with a “boutique” realtor, a good friend brought Stephanie into my life. She works tirelessly, is patient, incredibly knowledgeable about the market, and available during hours when most other realtors have “turned off.” She took me to see whatever home I wanted to see–quickly! because it’s been a very competitive market– (and I was very picky about what I wanted and where I wanted it). She never rushed me…let me look at a home as long as I wanted and let me come to my own conclusions but was not afraid to share her knowledge and opinion, which was very welcoming. Who wouldn’t want to know what an expert thinks? She helped me find the home I ultimately bought and led me through the process from contract to close. I cannot sing her praises enough. Not only was she my realtor, but she has now become a friend. When you need someone truly interested in working on your behalf, call Stephanie.